Our Culture of Proof Texting

Complimentarianism and Egalitarianism both require proof-texting to make their points, reading their own ideas back into the text whose writers would not recognize them. Both sides fail to address the proof-text for the others...


January 29, 2020


Jesus Was Not A Socialist, and He was not any other modern category either.

A Decade ago the band “Downhere” asked the question: “Can anybody show me the real Jesus?” Not only have we not found Him, we have made Him even more unrecognizable.  Jonathan David Faulkner I...


January 22, 2020


10 Years after the day my Faith Almost Collapsed.

It has been 10 years today since the Night With the Grace Killers and I am not where I thought I would be.   Jonathan David Faulkner   Deconstruction is a painful process; it...


January 8, 2020