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Return to the Sanctuary Plan:  On Wednesday August 12th and Wednesday August 19th the Board of Trustees and Deacons approved a plan to return to the sanctuary. Under this plan we will officially return to the sanctuary on Sunday, September 6th 2020 at 9AM under the following conditions which are in-line with Public Health and CDC Recommendations

  • For those who are not yet comfortable returning to the sanctuary we will continue on the radio at 12:30PM and a Livestream will be available on this page and on our Churches Youtube Channel. 
  • Bulletins will be pre-placed in the sanctuary and members are asked to sit where the bulletins are preplaced to ensure social distancing. Bulletins/Announcements will also continue to be available through the FCCBC resource page.
  • Masks are highly recommended as a way of loving our neighbors.
  • The offering plates will be in the Narthex, members can continue to mail in their offerings or place them in the plates after the service.
  • The Sanctuary and Narthex will be cleaned after the Sunday Service.
  • Members are asked to turn off or leave Cell-Phones in their vehicles for the duration of the service (this is to ensure the health of the livestream for those not ready to return.)
  • We will not yet resume fellowship hour in the basement.

Check here for resources related to life at FCCBC. including Friday Prayer, Service Streams and shared Resources from the CCCC and area churches. as well as a national resource from Ed Stetzer: Coronavirusandthechurch.com 

for information on giving in this time please contact the Church Office at 641-562-2165

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Bulletins, Announcements, Order of Service with Lyrics

January 24th 2021

Bulletin January 24th 2021
Announcements-1.24.21 Online Copy
Order of Service with Lyrics 1.24.21

January 17th 2021

Bulletin January 17th 2021
Announcements-1.17.21 Printed Copy
Order of Service With Lyrics
01 Annual Meeting and Office Hours

January 10th 2021

Bulletin January 10th 2021
Announcements-1.10.21 Online Copy
Order of Service 1.10.2020 With Lyrcs
01 Annual Meeting and Office Hours

January 3rd 2021

Bulletin January 3rd 2021
Announcements 1.3.2021 Online Copy
Order of Worship 1.3.21. With Lyrics
01 Annual Meeting and Office Hours

January 24th 2021

January 17th 2021

January 10th 2021

January 3rd 2021: 

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CORRECTION at 3:16 I say that “These are things Ray Delaurier says a Church should be doing.” Ray is not the one who says this, this is clear within Scripture, that if we want the blessings of God, we have to Love God, Love People and Make Disciples.

April 14th 2020

Here is the Livestream Rachel and I did a few weeks ago for your viewing pleasure

April 12th 2020 Easter Sunday 













April 10th 2020, Good Friday 













April 9th 2020, Maunday Thursday 













April 8th 2020 







April 7th 2020 







April 6th 2020







April 5th 2020







April 1st 2020, 







March 29th 2020: 

Sermon Audio Only: 

Full Service: 














Sunday March 22nd 2020 Service 

Sermon Audio Only: 

Full Service: 









The board has approved moving the First Congo Website to WordPress, this will save the church a few hundred a year and give us more access to features such as incorporating our livestream directly into the website. Be watching for the new site in the next few months. 


Return to the Sanctuary Plan:  On Wednesday May 13th the Board of Trustees and Deacons approved a plan to return to the sanctuary. Under this plan we will officially return to the sanctuary on May 30th and 31st at 9AM under the following conditions which are in-line with IDPH and CDC recommendations.

  1. For those who are not yet comfortable returning to the sanctuary we will continue to prerecord on Saturday Mornings since we are unable to live stream and continue to be on KIOW at 12:30 Sunday Morning’s. This Saturday Morning Recorded Service will be open to those who want to attend who are not ready to return to the larger group. This will begin Saturday May 30th at 9AM with the first Sunday service Sunday May 31st at 9AM.
  2. Bulletins will be pre-placed in the sanctuary and members are asked to sit where the bulletins are preplaced to ensure social distancing. Bulletins/Announcements will also continue to be available through the FCCBC resource page.
  3. Marks are allowed and encouraged but not required.
  4. The offering plates will be in the Narthex, members can continue to mail in their offerings or place them in the plates after the service.
  5. The Sanctuary and Narthex will be cleaned after both the Saturday and Sunday Service.
  6. We will not yet resume fellowship hour in the basement.


Just some short updates for 4/28: 

Friday Prayer will officially resume at the Church on Friday May 8th. Community Members are welcome to come and pray between 8AM and 5PM, Pastor Faulkner will be there from 8-11:30 and 12:30-5. Those who come to pray are asked to maintain social distancing guidelines of six feet at all time and wear masks if you have one. This coming Friday, May 1st Friday Prayer will take place on Facebook and Youtube Live. 

Two prayer requests: 

  1. Sue Kieweit has informed me that Terry, Jim and Tom’s Cousin Bill passed away around noon today. Please pray for the family as they grieve at this time. They are comforted that Bill is home with His heavenly father and His body is free from the cancer. Pray that Christ would continue to comfort them and give them piece. 
  2. Chuck Silber had a follow up appointment in Mason today, Emily said they took 1 & 1/2 liters of fluid off his lungs. Pray for continue healing for Chuck and a full recovery but also for the peace of Christ for both Chuck and Emily as she continues to care for him and he continues to heal. I have also been told (on a lighter note) that they have endeavored to watch my entire 3+ hour ordination council, Pray for strength and fortitude for them both. 


Sorry this update is so late in the day, I took the morning off after yesterdays 3 1/2 hour Ordination Council. Here are the updates for Monday, April 27th, 2020. 


1. If you caught the Governor’s slightly confusing press conference today you know she lifted her emergency declaration restrictions on religious organizations. However, later in the press conference she clarified that we are still subject to DPH and CDC guidelines and that even with partial openings of businesses groups of 10 or more are highly discouraged. She also recommended that Iowans 65 and older should still self-isolate as much as possible. Meaning we are still unable to meet in our building in groups over 10 and when any group under that number meets they must keep 6ft apart. 
This means that at this time Friday Prayer will resume in our building so long as proper social distancing is maintained, members wear masks, and we don’t exceed 10 at a time and we will only be open during business hours 8AM-5PM. We will also return to using the sanctuary for recording the services on Saturday Mornings. The Board will also meet in the month of May. 

2. As for my Ordination Council you can watch the full video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFrpmYd50f4  The final result was 12-0 in favor of recommending the Church go forward with Ordination. I want to thank you as a congregation for making sure I stayed sharp and challenging me. The final result of a 12-0 Vote to recommend we move ahead with Ordination. When we are able to gather again, as part of that celebration, we will also be able to have an ordination service. 


The Irreducible Core Study Series part 2 is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQf7KFqD3c8

  1. Leona updated me on Dale Heitland yesterday, she said they were unable to get the feeding tube where they had originally wanted to and ended up having to go to a third option, through the nose. Pray for Dale and the family and for Leona especially in this time. 
  2. I will be live at 9:30 and 3:30 on our Facebook Page and Youtube. 


The irreducible Core Study Series Part 1 is out today, you can follow the link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bBQdqKj7wo
I would also encourage you to take a look at this piece on the Mind Control Tactics you find on the internet that came out on my site this morning. Please be careful who you watch and listen to in this time. Christians are not to bear false witness as part of loving others, and when we share false and misleading information we are bearing false witness. We must be discerning by the power of the Holy Spirit but there are a lot of people in this world who want to strip you of your objectivity, and this piece shows you some of the tactics they employ to do just that. https://godsheartforthose.com/2020/04/22/1917/


Good Morning, a few updates and more information on Bill Kieweit, 

  1. The Irreducible Core Bible Study video will be out tomorrow, watch this page, facebook and email for the video. 
  2. Here is an update from Sue on Bill:
    He is getting weaker and hospice is now involved. We had a difficult time understanding what he was saying yesterday.
    Prayers for comfort for the family is so appreciated!
    Tom, Terry and Jim have fond memories with Bill over the years playing with their cousin. Kristy Freirich is also a cousin of Bill’s. 
  3. Rachel and I will be doing another Livestream on May 7th at 7PM. 
  4. A special thank you to our church family for the prayers during Chuck’s surgery & since retuning home. Thank you for the cards, phone calls & continued prayers for his recovery. We areSo grateful for this loving church family & we’re looking forward to returning to churchTo worship together soon. To everyone stay safe & healthy. Sincerely, Chuck & Emily
  5. Update from Laurel Joens on Molli: Molli will graduate from Waldorf University on May 9th, unfortunately there will not be a graduation ceremony. She has accepted a job teaching 6th grade English and Special Education at North Iowa in Buffalo Center in the Fall. Cards and Wellwishes can be sent to: Molli at 204 3rd St. SW Buffalo Center, IA
  6. Continue to pray for our nurses and medical personnel as well our state and local leaders. We want to thank first responders and frontline workers putting their lives on the line daily to fight to keep us from being overwhelmed by this virus. 


UPDATE: First of all, I apologize for not doing better at keeping everyone updated on this page. I hope you are enjoying the services and that they are helping you worship GOD and helping you love Him more. A few things I want to pass along to you this morning. 

  1. as I mentioned yesterday Bill Kieweit, Tom’s cousin, is once again battling cancer, please be in prayer for Kaylene and Tom as visiting restrictions mean they are not allowed to see Him, they are also grieving and mourning Elizabeth so let’s make sure to really lift them up in prayer. 
  2. With the weather getting nicer I encourage you to get out and go on walks around your property or around town. Remember to wear masks if you are going into town. 
  3. Today I am going to start recording some Bible Study materials to expand on Sunday’s Sermon. A Video with some wisdom from scripture and Jesus Life on how to better Love God. That will be available on Wednesday. I hope that you will be encouraged by these materials and that they will help you fall further in love with your savior. 


UPDATE: the Maunday Thursday Scripture reading is uploaded. Also, tonight at 7 the Maunday Thursday Service will be uploaded for you to enjoy. Pastors Nate, Bill and I had a really good and fruitful discussion yesterday over the texts for both days and I hope you’ll join us online for our community services tonight at 7. 


UPDATE: Prayer Request update: Both the 11 month old and her mother, friends of ours from Massechuesets have recovered from COVID-19. Praise the Lord for His tender mercy! 


UPDATE Good Afternoon everyone 

I talked with the leadership about this last night and just needed to talk to the city before I passed it along to you. Deb has ok’d it, so we will go ahead. 

Because we cannot gather in our building for Easter, we are able to do a drive-up service at 9AM in front of the Parsonage. We are using the parsonage lawn because there is more room to park you for more people to be able to park. 

We do ask that while here all members please stay in your cars and only crack your windows so you are able to hear. Royce is bringing a fairly powerful sound system so you are able to hear, unfortunately we do not have the ability to broadcast over AM or FM, but we should be able to make it so everyone can hear. Harley will be bringing a trailer so people can see me. 

FOR THOSE WHO DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT: The service will STILL BE AVAILABLE through the usual means, the God’s Heart Resource Page and Youtube, the facebook page and KIOW at 12:30. This will also ensure we have a service available in case the weather forces us to cancel. 
Please Spread the Word

You can also watch daily readings of Holy Week passages on the FCCBC Resource page. 


UPDATE: Friday Guided Prayer is uploaded for download and I will be hosting prayer on Facebook and Youtube Live at 9:30AM and 3:30PM today. Please join me as we pray for our nation and world in the midst of this pandemic. 

ECUMENICAL SERVICE UPDATE: Due to the ban of meetings of groups over 10 Holy Week services will be pre-recorded and uploaded on Thursday and Friday of next week. Pastor’s Nate, Bill and Jonathan will be sitting down to hold a round table discussion of the texts associated with these Holy Days as our Sermon. Each service will be available on each churches website, facebook page or resource page. 


Due to the extension of CDC guidelines for limits on meetings and social distancing we will continue to meet online through April 30th. I miss all of you dearly and cannot wait until we are all back together. This does mean we will not be together on Palm Sunday or Easter, however, that does not change the fact that Christ has Risen and that our Hope is in Him. There are some things we can do to cultivate a sense of togetherness. For one thing, Kathi has been planning a display in the Church Windows and will have palm branches available for you to come and take from pots in front of the church. That way we can all have a palm branch, I will even pin one to the front of the pulpit. We will also take Communion together on Sunday and I will have instructions for partaking from home for you tomorrow afternoon. Then on Easter we will have easter lillies surrounding the pulpit and we will pray the Lord’s Prayer together (or whenever you watch the service, pray it with me with the knowledge that your brothers and sisters have prayed it with you too). The Holy Spirit is an amazing member of the Trinity, He can and does cultivate togetherness from across geographical distances. This is why the Church, the people of GOD, is said to have organic unity. There is at no time we are disconnected from one another, so long as we are living in the Spirit. 
But when this is over, we are going to have a big party together! 
I love and miss you all so much. 
If you wish to know the theological convictions that underlie these decisions about closing and why we are not meeting in person during this time, please consider the following piece that came out on my website yesterday: .https://godsheartforthose.com/2020/03/30/ypiacv-ii-when-convictions-create-tensions/ Needless to say, I want a congregation to come back to after this is over, I have heard of at least one pastor in New York City who has lost a significant number of his flock because his church met. We are trying to avoid the same scenario here. I want to get all of you back when this is over! Because I love you! 
You can join me at my Alma Mater tonight at 6-8PM from http://www.gcts.edu/live for a panel discussion on Fear, Facts and Faith. Jonathan Quick from WHO will be one of the panelists and he is worth hearing. Otherwise, consider showing support for the Kettwick family as they will have a drive-by to show support for Troy meeting at 7:45 at the football field. 


UPDATE: Due to the extension of the CDC Guidelines by the President until April 30th we will continue to meet online via a pre-recorded service. I will know more today about Holy Week services. On Palm Sunday Palms will be available outside the Church for you o use in Worship on Palm Sunday. We will also have Communion on Sunday. Instructions will be posted Wednesday for in-home communion. Please continue to call and care for each other. We love and miss you. 


UPDATE: the March 29th service is out and ready for your viewing pleasure. 


UPDATE: Rachel and I will be recording the service today at 11:30 when Erin goes down for her nap. We will record from the living room but have taken steps to maintain the flow and look of a church service. We will see you online tomorrow. The Order of Service with Lyrics has been uploaded for your downloading pleasure. 

UPDATE: Emily told me this morning that Chuck is feeling better and hopes to come home today. Pray for a full recovery and rest for Chuck. Kayleene told me that they are able to do a livestream of Buffy’s Memorial Service. her and Tom are doing alright, thankful for somethings and frustrated about others. Pray for peace and comfort for them during this time and please send them a phone call or card, just let them know you are thinking of them in some way. 


UPDATE: From Emily Silber and Kayleene Kieweit: Emily Writes: “Update on Chuck, didn’t have to shock his heart, they used an IV Medication that put his heart back into rhythm. If all goes well I will go get him.” 

Kayleene writes: “Memorial Service Sunday in Woodbury and a celebration of life service once things settle down, Tom and I are having a hard time deciding in we should go on Sunday. It would be different if we both had not recently had major surgeries and our age. Please pray for the best decision.” They have also asked about livestreaming the memorial service. 

UPDATE: Friday prayer will go online today, the guided prayer is loaded and I will be on Facebook and Youtube Live at 9:30AM and 3:30PM to lead guided prayers, take prayer requests and pray for the church. We will also have communion on April 4th, so be watching for instructions on Communion from Home. 

UPDATE: From Emily Silber: “Just a quick update. They have decided to shock Chuck’s heart to put it back into normal rythm. Please prayers.” Continue to pray for Chuck at MercyOne. 

UPDATE: Please pray for Kayleene and Tom Kieweit and family. Most of you have heard that on Wednesday Night Buffy (Elizabeth Van Elly passed away after a long battle with Cancer. Please pray for the Comfort of God, pray for God’s hand on their shoulders, and please send text messages and emails of encouragement. 


UPDATE: Pastor Faulkner will record a video devotional this morning that will be available through Youtube, this page and the Churches Facebook Page. 

UPDATE: From Emily: Chuck is doing well, but Mercy One is closing to all visitors starting today. Therefore Emily has returned to BC and will be able to go pick Chuck up and bring him home either Thursday or Friday, continue to pray for them. 


UPDATE: from Prayer Request from Brian Eckhart and Frontier: “Both of us a bit overwhelmed with Coronavirus related crisis management in Frontiers. We’re putting in some long hours. I lead crisis management for the mission and we’re dealing with quite a mess with 1200 adults on the field.” Please keep Brian and Jaleta in your prayers. 

UPDATE: from Kaylene Kieweit: They have moved Elizabeth to the “End of Life” room at the hospital after passing out at home this am. They are keeping her comfortable! Please pray for easy passing at this point, peace and comfort for her family! ❤️💔 Thank you!

UPDATE: Chuck is out of surgery and the doctors say everything went well. Emily is with him at Mercy One. 

UPDATE: Please pray for Chuck and Emily Silber as Chuck will have surgery Monday March 23rd at 5:30 in the morning. 

3/17/2020 – As of Tuesday March 17th all services and activities at First Congregational Church of Buffalo Center are canceled or moving online. This includes Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Fellowship and 9AM Sunday Services which will move to online. Friday Prayer will be continued as a come and go event with members asked to maintain good social distancing practices. Prayer Prompts and Guided Prayers are also available for download online. along with the weekly bulletin and announcements. Pastor Faulkner’s Sunday Sermons can also be heard live on 107.3 KIOW in Forest City at 12:30. Check this page for more updates. 


Other Resources 

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Good News Community Church in Okiboji has graciously offered us access to their online digital resources such as “RIGHTNOW MEDIA” and the Dwell App. Follow the Link below for access Pastor Brandon and his staff’s online material.