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Check here for resources related to life at FCCBC. including Friday Prayer, Service Streams and shared Resources from the CCCC and area churches. as well as a national resource from Ed Stetzer: Coronavirusandthechurch.com 

Giving: During this time we ask that members continue to give faithfully out of the abundance GOD has given to us. Our missionaries continue to labor in the their respective places and need the continued support. Your giving also supports the local ministry of the Church which continues even though we are not meeting in our buildings. Buildings we also continue to have to maintain. If you would like to know how to give in this time please contact the Church Office at 641-562-2165

If you are in need of help during this time: Click Here

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Prayer Resources: 

Prayer Prompts
Guided Prayer for Friday March 20th
Guided Prayer for Friday March 27th

Bulletins, Announcements, Order of Service with Lyrics 

March 29th 

Bulletin March 29th 2020
Announcements 3.29.2020
Order Of Service 3.29.2020 With Lyrics

March 22nd 

Bulletin March 22nd 2020
Announcements 3.22.2020
Order of Service 3.22.2020 with Lyrics

Service Streams, Livestreams, Sermon Audio 

If you would like to hear the first four sermons in The Church In Exile series Click Here

March 29th 2020: 

Sermon Audio Only: 

Full Service: 


Sunday March 22nd 2020 Service 

Sermon Audio Only: 

Full Service: 



UPDATE: the March 29th service is out and ready for your viewing pleasure. 


UPDATE: Rachel and I will be recording the service today at 11:30 when Erin goes down for her nap. We will record from the living room but have taken steps to maintain the flow and look of a church service. We will see you online tomorrow. The Order of Service with Lyrics has been uploaded for your downloading pleasure. 

UPDATE: Emily told me this morning that Chuck is feeling better and hopes to come home today. Pray for a full recovery and rest for Chuck. Kayleene told me that they are able to do a livestream of Buffy’s Memorial Service. her and Tom are doing alright, thankful for somethings and frustrated about others. Pray for peace and comfort for them during this time and please send them a phone call or card, just let them know you are thinking of them in some way. 


UPDATE: From Emily Silber and Kayleene Kieweit: Emily Writes: “Update on Chuck, didn’t have to shock his heart, they used an IV Medication that put his heart back into rhythm. If all goes well I will go get him.” 

Kayleene writes: “Memorial Service Sunday in Woodbury and a celebration of life service once things settle down, Tom and I are having a hard time deciding in we should go on Sunday. It would be different if we both had not recently had major surgeries and our age. Please pray for the best decision.” They have also asked about livestreaming the memorial service. 

UPDATE: Friday prayer will go online today, the guided prayer is loaded and I will be on Facebook and Youtube Live at 9:30AM and 3:30PM to lead guided prayers, take prayer requests and pray for the church. We will also have communion on April 4th, so be watching for instructions on Communion from Home. 

UPDATE: From Emily Silber: “Just a quick update. They have decided to shock Chuck’s heart to put it back into normal rythm. Please prayers.” Continue to pray for Chuck at MercyOne. 

UPDATE: Please pray for Kayleene and Tom Kieweit and family. Most of you have heard that on Wednesday Night Buffy (Elizabeth Van Elly passed away after a long battle with Cancer. Please pray for the Comfort of God, pray for God’s hand on their shoulders, and please send text messages and emails of encouragement. 


UPDATE: Pastor Faulkner will record a video devotional this morning that will be available through Youtube, this page and the Churches Facebook Page. 

UPDATE: From Emily: Chuck is doing well, but Mercy One is closing to all visitors starting today. Therefore Emily has returned to BC and will be able to go pick Chuck up and bring him home either Thursday or Friday, continue to pray for them. 


UPDATE: from Prayer Request from Brian Eckhart and Frontier: “Both of us a bit overwhelmed with Coronavirus related crisis management in Frontiers. We’re putting in some long hours. I lead crisis management for the mission and we’re dealing with quite a mess with 1200 adults on the field.” Please keep Brian and Jaleta in your prayers. 

UPDATE: from Kaylene Kieweit: They have moved Elizabeth to the “End of Life” room at the hospital after passing out at home this am. They are keeping her comfortable! Please pray for easy passing at this point, peace and comfort for her family! ❤️💔 Thank you!

UPDATE: Chuck is out of surgery and the doctors say everything went well. Emily is with him at Mercy One. 

UPDATE: Please pray for Chuck and Emily Silber as Chuck will have surgery Monday March 23rd at 5:30 in the morning. 

3/17/2020 – As of Tuesday March 17th all services and activities at First Congregational Church of Buffalo Center are canceled or moving online. This includes Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Fellowship and 9AM Sunday Services which will move to online. Friday Prayer will be continued as a come and go event with members asked to maintain good social distancing practices. Prayer Prompts and Guided Prayers are also available for download online. along with the weekly bulletin and announcements. Pastor Faulkner’s Sunday Sermons can also be heard live on 107.3 KIOW in Forest City at 12:30. Check this page for more updates. 


Other Resources 

Web Resources for the Church: 


Articles on the Coronavirus

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Good News Community Church in Okiboji has graciously offered us access to their online digital resources such as “RIGHTNOW MEDIA” and the Dwell App. Follow the Link below for access Pastor Brandon and his staff’s online material.