Good Discipline Series

Hey Readers.

So recently I’ve been working through a twelve week series on Spiritual Disciplines. Since we (at 10:31 Life Ministries) wanted to get this particular blog switched over before the summer started I’m going to give you the rest of the series links right here. They will connect you back to our Blogspot account, all five disciplines and the parent article are here.

The series is based on the eleven spiritual disciplines that can be found in Christian George’s Godology. 

Week #1: Good Discipline
Week #2: Good Discipline –
Week #3: Good Discipline – Obedience
Week #4: Good Discipline – Art
Week #5: Good Discipline – Journaling
Week #6: Good Discipline – Silence
Week #7: Good Discipline – Fasting
Week #8: Good Discipline – Vow Making
Week #9: Good Discipline – Labyrinth Walking
Week #10: Good Discipline – Meditation
Week #11: Good Discipline – Solitude
Week #12: Good Discipline – Practicing God’s Presence

Note: the first six links are on Blogger, but you can find them here on WordPress by scrolling down through.

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