About God’s Heart For Those:

Mission and Doctrine:

God’s Heart for Those is centered around on living a life based on love and gratitude cropped-images-4.jpgtowards God for the mighty work He has done in our lives. We believe as Christians we have a responsibility to build up the Church instead of tearing it down. We believe that it is commanded of us to care for the widow and the orphan and the refugee as well as one another and to be men and women of peace. Upholding and honoring the dignity of a of humanity which is created in the image of God and which is made up of many colors and cultures, tribes and tongues all brought together in the Church as God intended. That the Church is first under God and that Scripture, as confirmed by the Spirit, is the ultimate authority. We strive to teach lessons both from the words of Scripture and from Church History, to be led by the Holy Spirit as we strive to teach and challenge a generation to grow in their faith. Challenging Pastors to be healthy, loving and compassionate Servant Leaders, and in standing up to those who would act as Spiritual Bullies.

God’s Heart for Those holds to the 7 Essential Doctrines of the Christian Faith as laid out by Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (CCCC)


God’s Heart for Those was originally created as the personal Blog of Jonathan David Faulkner during his time serving in Denver CO. in 2011. It was later absorbed in 10:31 Life Ministries, managing the musical arm of the ministry by housing Jonathan’s musical pursuits. It was brought to wordpress from blogger to be integrated into the 10:31 Life Ministries Website along with Waiting on Boaz, Running from Jezebel, which was also owned by 10:31 Life Ministries. When 10:31 closed its doors in April of 2015, God’s Heart retained its separate copyright and remained a subsidy of 10:31 Life Publishing. It is currently owned by 10:31 Life and Jonathan David Faulkner and managed by Jonathan David Faulkner.

Recently the site has experienced a revival as Jonathan seeks to continue to teach and encourage the body of Christ. Through the years it has been known for not backing down from sound doctrine and being willing to say what needs to be said on everything from Social Justice to controversies started by Facebook Evangelist Joshua Feuerstien. The organization is, and will remain, unapologeticaly Christian and committed to building up the body of Jesus Christ while encouraging that same body through challenging the popular thought of the day.

ABOUT: Jonathan David Faulkner

Jonathan David Faulkner was born in Burlington Iowa on May 25, 1991. He is the son of 5-29-17_Faulkner Wedding_224Rev. David R. Faulkner and Dorothy S. Faulkner and has three siblings. His was born with Congenital Cataract Syndrome and thus visually impaired from birth.

His family moved to Rochester New York before he was a year old and then to Albany Ohio where he would attend Alexander High School from Preschool to his senior year. While in High School he got heavily involved in musical arts, taking lessons in Clarinet and picking up the drums, guitar and adding to his piano skills. He also sang in the Alexander Tone Definites High School Choir where he traveled  to New York City, Chicago, Buffalo, Canada and Indianapolis, singing everywhere from Ground Zero to Consceco Fieldhouse (Indianapolis Pacers) He was twice selected as a member of the All-Ohio State Fair Youth Choir, Ohio’s Singing Ambassadors of Good Will. He also became fairly well-known for his rendition of the National Anthem, which he performed at Home Basketball Games. Jonathan also played drums his youth group praise band until his Junior Year of High School.

During High School he also served on the Ohio Governor’s Council  for people with Disabilities as a delegate to their Youth Leadership Forum under Gov. Ted Strickland. He was also selected to attend the Southern Ohio Leadership Conference for High School Students his sophomore year in High School. He served as the President of His 4-H club for his final two years of High School. He also served in Dallas TX in June of 2007 as a Missionary with Global Expeditions. He graduated from High School in 2009.

From there he moved to Sterling Kansas to attend Sterling College and complete under-graduate studies in Christian Ministries: Education and Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry. He also did choir there but soon left it to pursue writing and promoting his own music. In 2011 Jonathan Participated in the Denver Urban Semester. Working in Homeless Ministry and Transitional Ministry, it was here that God called him to Pastoral Ministry. During his time at Sterling College he also helped organize and develop the annual Love Sterling Day of Service that continues to this day.

Jonathan graduated Sterling College in 2013 with a Degree in Christian Ministries and minor in Communications and Theater Arts. He then went to work for the College as their Grounds Keeper and continued to pulpit supply and manage 10:31 Life Ministries which he had started in 2009 and was peaking in 2013, reaching to five college campuses with ten different student writers. 10:31 Life Ministries closed last April due to lack of funding.

in 2013 Jonathan started attending First Baptist Church of Lyons where he served as the drummer for their Saturday Night Church service where he would also occasionally preach. in 2014 he was called to First Baptist Church of Stafford as a Pulpit Supply Pastor and then called to serve as their part time pastor, a position he held until August of 2015. During this time he also played multiple shows in and around Kansas and released the “Porch Light Demos” before saying goodbye and taking a hiatus from music after his final show at Broadway Market of Sterling in May of 2015.

in September of 2015 he began working on a Masters of Divinity and Masters of Church History at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. In his first year he served on the Spiritual Life Committee and a member of the schools Arts Society. During his third year of seminary he also served on the school’s Student Association as the Fine Arts Chair working together with other students to put on events and care for the needs of the student body. He has also begun sharing his music with the community and with his church. He has spent the last three years serving in various ministries at First Congregational Church of Hamilton, doing everything from Children’s ministry to teaching adult Sunday School, to college ministry trying to learn the various positions that he hopes to one day serve alongside as when he returns to pastoral ministry. While he also play on occasion with a band called “john Walk & the Opened Eyes.”

In 2016 he met his wife Rachel on Eharmony and in 2017 they were married on a rainy day in Northfield Mass. Rachel is a pre-school teacher who loves to play music and sing, something they enjoy doing together.  They welcomed their first daughter, Erin, in February of 2019;.

Upon completing both a Masters of Divinity and a Masters of Church History from Gordon-Conwell in May of 2019 Jonathan and Rachel moved to Buffalo Center IA where he serves as the Pastor of First Congregational Church of Buffalo Center. He also co-hosts The God’s Heart Podcast every week with Co-Host, fellow Pastor and Blogger Katie Mason.

Jonathan is 30 years old.