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  • The Triduum with Alex Fergus

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-6mcay-1229c82 In this episode Jonathan and Tyler discuss what it was like to experience The Triduum, the three Holy Week Services of Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and the Great Easter Vigil. for the first time with Special Guest Alex Fergus. 

  • An Easter Surprise.

    Sometimes, the faith of children is what we need most.

  • Deconstruction in the 19th Century: The Story of Philip Schaff.

    “While many people’s faith was shipwrecked during this time (at Tubingen), my father’s faith actually grew deeper” – David Schaff, The Biography of Philip Schaff, in part Autobiographical. Rev. Jonathan David Faulkner As the world around us continues to debate what Deconstruction is, I want to dig down on something Father Tyler and I discussed […]

  • On Performing Live Again.

    April 29th, 5-8PM, if you’re in the Spokane Washington Area join us at Sweet Frostings Whitworth Location for a night of music. 50% of Artist Tips to go to the Anglican Relief and Development Fund to aid Ukrainian Refugees and provide Humanitarian Aid. Rev. Jonathan David Faulkner Almost 3 years ago John Walk and the […]

  • John Cooper, Alisa Childers and the War on Deconstruction.

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-w67rb-11da7ac On this episode of The God’s Heart Podcast Jonathan and Tyler explore the topic of Deconstruction as they respond to John Coopers “War on Deconstruction.” They also answer the question of what deconstruction is, if its the threat Childers and Cooper claim it is and if this is something new or something that has […]

  • Ashes on Ash Wednesday.

    At God’s Heart for those we condemn the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia and stand with the Ukrainian People in Prayer and Solidarity.

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