June 20th 2011

Today we walked around the city all day, learned about our neighborhood that we live in called Whittier. It was interesting to hear the stories told by our teacher Jeff Johnson who lives in the neighborhood. We talked about the effects of Gentrification on the neighborhood and I asked him how the attitudes of the neighbors were towards the whites moving in and raising the property values increasing which are products of Gentrification

On Spiritual Formation here’s an interesting thing for you.

I’ve never walked the Stations of the cross before, in fact that first time I’d heard of someone doing that was this spring. I’ve never been one to fall deep into tradition and participate but that’s what seems to be happening. The closer I get to the cross the more meaningful these times of solitude I take each week mean to me. I needed the time today to sit in the Cathedral Basilica of Emasculate Conception  I needed to sit there and take in the Cathedral’s high walls and the pictures of Jesus suffering as I walked down the side isles. It reminded me of the cross that I am called to carry, I am called to serve the homeless for these two months, to be a friend to then and a becan of hope. Even though it’s hard to serve those people who you know God’s heart breaks for.

I am learning that God’s heart for those will require me to be broken daily, to be daily humbled by the plight of my homeless brothers and sisters.

Jon Faulkner
10:31 Ministries