July 12, 2011

“The Definition of a Character is someone who wants something and has to overcome conflict to get it” – Donald Miller A Million Miles In A Thousand Years.

What’s your story? Is it exciting, gripping, glorious, boring or the stuff of movies? What is the Story of your life? If I could travel around the country and hear everyone’s story I would! Because I love stories, I love to tell them and I love to listen to them, one of my sisters in Christ told me that Stories are one of the things that I bring to the party.

This weekend, and throughout the summer we’ve talked about stories. About our origins, shalom, stirrings, arrows, shadows, illumination and elixar. About the places we’ve been that are our orientation, disorientation and new orientation. What does all this mean? It’d be hard to explain in one post, but it’s fascinating to hear people tell their stories and seeing how similar or how different your experiences were.

God is co-writing our stories, He is drawing us in and inviting us into something bigger than us. Stirring us to move, He gives us faith and life and because we have those we can do the things He asks us to do. He puts us into each others lives to be encouragement, bring discernment, show love and sometimes to humble us. He allows tragedy so we can experience pain, He brings us through that so we can emphasize with others. He brings us Joy, Love and Hope so that we can share them with others, and most importantly has given us grace upon grace so that we can show grace to others. He allows us to make mistakes, to take our own paths at times but always welcomes us back with open arms.

God has a heart for us, He invites us into that heart and our experience there is evidenced by the way we live out our calling. These invitations are part of our stories, they allow our stories to intersect with people who are in need so we can see His heart for those.

Our stories define us, they remind us of God’s trans formative work in our lives. This week my classmates and I are writing our spiritual Autobiography. We’ll be looking back on our lives, the good and the bad, before we were saved and after and seeing where God was during that time, I encourage you to take some time and do the same.

Donald Miller asks us if we are living good stories, I think that I can finally say that I am, now that I am learning these things I believe God’s taking me further into His heart and I can’t wait to share wait to share with you what I find there as I continue to tell my story!

Jon Faulkner

10:31 Ministries.