September 21, 2011

“Let music never die in me, forever let my spirit sing, wherever emptiness is found, let there be Joy and glorious sound” The Awakening by Joseph M. Martin

Monday was the first time I played my clarinet since leaving the Sterling Community Band in the spring of my freshmen year. That marked the first time since seventh grade I hadn’t been playing it, and Monday I picked it back up. Monday I also played at my dorms Smouisic Night (Open Mike Smoothie night) and earlier in the day been given the position of Choir Chaplain. Sunday I’ll be playing drums for a worship service in the morning and then at an event in the evening.

Last year something was missing, something was off and I think now I know what it was. Musically (especially in the spring) I had become stagnant. I was not in Choir, I had quit playing Clarinet, I would occasionally get my guitar out (only for lessons) and I didn’t write many songs. Music, for the most part, had died in me, I had forgotten in and the connection I felt to God when I was doing it, I had left a part of myself out.

Music has always been a huge part of my life, but it’s also been a significant part of my relationship with Christ. When I’m worshiping, and just having fun with God with a guitar and some sheet music I am closer to Him than ever. Same when I’m sitting behind a drum kit or when I’m playing Clarinet for the fun of playing Clarinet. I have always used God’s gifts of Music in my life as a way of bringing glory and honor to Him. Suddenly I had left it behind, dropped off the musical scene, heck I only played one show last year…in the student union…to a crowd of 10.

Now Music’s back, I recently commented to my mother that “I couldn’t imagine a summer without my guitars” it would, for me, be a tragedy because I’ve been playing them so much. God has restored the Joy of music in me, He has allowed me to write songs and lead worship, and I will praise Him for it!

Music is part of God’s heart, Constantly in the Bible we see people lifting praises to God to the point where God is pleased with the rejoicing in Israel. The early church would sing Psalms, the presbyterians sing Hymns and now we have contemporary worship. We are called to be ministers of grace, called to be teachers and preachers but we are also called to praise God.

The bible says “Make a joyful unto God oh you people” so I encourage you to go out and make a joyful noise, doesn’t have to be a pretty one, just make a joyful noise!

Jon Faulkner
10:31 Ministries