By Bradly Tucker:


Every other Friday Jonathan takes time to answer questions from me and from you, our readers. This week Jonathan talks about popular satire site The Babylon Bee and his summer plans along with some questions from readers.


Q.) So, currently there is a brand new phenomenon sweeping the web in the form of a website called The Babylon Bee. I know that you are aware of them, what are your thoughts on them and their contact?

  • Yes, it is definitely a phenomenon, and one I am greatly enjoying. I like the fact that they approach these issues in a way that is humorous, but also exposes the lunacy that often exists within the confines of American Christianity. I also think it makes us laugh at ourselves, and Christians truly need to learn how to take certain aspects about our faith, like Peripheral issues. I think that the best way to do that is through satire. Plus, it is nice to see Christians unifying around something, even if it is just Satire. I will say though, my favorite thing on the internet is not the Babylon Bee but the commenters who do not know they are reading Satire and decide they need to fact check the article.

Q.) With your first year at GCTS behind you, what is one thing that you can take away from your first year of graduate school that you would like to pass along to our readers?

  • Graduate School is hard work, but it can also be a lot of fun. Do not take it too seriously, but do not approach it flippantly either. If you come into it with good time management skills and an eagerness to learn new things, it will be a lot of fun.

Q.) What are your plans for the summer?

  • Write, work, I am taking another trip in June, we will be closed that weekend, by the way, I also have a lot of reading to do and want to finish the second Mozzaratt book and work on securing publishing for the first.

Q.) Speaking of Mozzaratt, What is the latest on the Mozzaratt Books?

  • Well, I am two chapters into the second book, I will hopefully start chapter 3 today. I have already incorporated some surprises into the second book, it has been fun. Book three is also in the planning stages, detailed mapping, all the stuff that goes into writing a novel.

Q.) How has science affected the culture of Christianity?

  • Anthony, Attumwa IA.
  • To answer this question we must ask another: Are Christianity and Science Compatible? Some would say that the two are not compatible, while others, on the opposite end of such a spectrum would argue that they are compatible and even should work alongside each other. I hold to the second view, that they should run concurrently, history even shows us that the greatest advances in Science have occurred in Christian Circles or in more Christ focused points in History. Unfortunately the church has either gone so far as to reject science al-together, or take it too far and allowing it to usurp Biblical Authority. So, it has had two primary influences on Christian culture, either non-influence, because it is rejected, or too much influence as is the case with Philosophic Science’s Intelligent Design Argument. I do believe that we, as believers can pay attention to what is happening in science. For science gives us a glimpse into the glory of the Living God. There are even points where Science and Theology intertwine such as Creation and the Metaphysics of the Trinity (see Yurgan Moltmann). Science is a creation of our loving father, so why not at least pay attention to it. However, we cannot allow it to dictate to us Christian Truth, only to confirm what God has revealed to us to be true.