We’re hearing new words, “Covid-19” and “Corinavirus,” and we don’t like the sound of it.  News of this strange, new virus have raised fears and concerns, along with honest questions:  Why is this happening?  What should I do?  When does it end? Will I be affected?

I received a wonderful phone call recently from a friend reading the Word of God.  He said, “ I need to ask you something.  In Acts 4, it talks about the church responding to people in need during a first century crisis.  When I read it, it was like God saying, ‘I want you to give toward the needs of people struggling to get through this crisis.’  Even though my retirement account is now in shambles, I need to give the church a check to meet the needs of people who are losing jobs and income.”

The check was sizable.  Within hours, nine others contributed to help with food, utilities, rent, and other necessities.  That gift was like a seed, which quickly flourished.  Some made meals; others reached out with phone calls, emails, or personal notes. Suddenly, it was compassion that went viral, spreading encouragement to many.  People felt loved, and experienced the presence of God in their fears and concerns.

Our questions remain, yet in uncertainty we go back to what we know, what is certain.  We love God who is faithful.  And we love others, which remains our calling.

Steve and Karin Oeffling