By the God’s Heart Team.

Dear Reader

In 2020 God’s Heart for Those adopted the Hashtag #FortheunityoftheentireChurch as the websites yearly Tag. It is in that spirit and as part of that ongoing effort to bring healing, reconciliation, and unity that we, in the strongest possible way, denounce any and all violence from white supremacist and white nationalist groups. We are saddened to hear that many of our Brothers and Sisters of Color are in fear for their lives this weekend and have decided to hold many services remotely instead of in=person if their church is in the state’s capitol. Violence is never acceptable for Christians and violence based on Skin color or Ethnic background is especially heinous. Unfortunately, this is something rooted in our history, a cancer that needs to be uprooted. This is not an issue of liberal’s verse conservatives, or woke verse unwoke, this is an issue of dehumanization, one group continuing the legacy of stripping the humanity from another.  God’s Heart recognizes that the Imago Dei is present in every human being from creation and conception and that the Imago Dei is fully actualized and restored in each person in Christ and that our actions towards other individuals should lead them to Christ Jesus, not away. In Church History, violence and dehumanization has never led anyone to Christ and in fact has hindered the cause of the Gospel and Church Unity. We also those who have covered for, failed to condemn and even enabled and empowered these groups to commit these acts of violence and hatred whether they be pastors or politicians.

We also strongly rebuke these groups for their use of Christian symbols and Rhetoric. There is nothing remotely “Christian” about these groups and their acts, their actions show that they are not in Christ nor have any interest in doing as He has commanded us in Scripture. Scripture is clear in 1 John 1 and 2 that these people are liars and the truth is not in them and so the their claim to Christianity is an illegitimate one. These groups do not act in the spirit of Jesus Christ but instead of “Antichrists in this world” (1 John 2:18-20. Their syncretism of Christianity and Nationalism or a Ethnic Identity is a violation of the Law of God as it makes an idol out of a nation or an ethnic identity. These things are blasphemous and carry the penalty of eternal death under the new covenant. This syncretism has led to the violence we saw at the Capitol on Wednesday and the death of image bearers and if not renounced condemned and curtailed will lead to more deaths in the future.

God’s Heart for those calls on anyone who has supported these groups, anyone who has propped them up, anyone who has actively participated in these groups to repent of this sin of Blaspheme, Spirit of Antichrist, sect and schism, Ethnic Nationalism and White Supremacy to repent of this sin against their brothers and sisters in Christ and against Christ himself and His Kingdom. Along with repentance there must be restitution made and evidence of a life transformed by grace marked by a willingness to accept the consequences of their actions and an understanding of the evil of their ways.

May God save us all.

Rev. Jonathan David Faulkner