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Book Recommendation: Oneness Embraced by Rev. Tony Evans

In my seminary and pastoral careers I have been asked to read many books, required to read many books. This book, which I had originally bought as summer reading, appeared on a requirement list for my Summer III course Preaching Reconciliation. This was then, the first book I read for the class.

Here Evans’ lays out a path towards and vision for Reconciliation and oneness in the Church that embraces oneness and unity without destroying the many cultures that make up Christianity. This book is filled with practical wisdom, deep theological insight and beautiful examples of Oneness, reconciliation and unity. Evans has woven together a road map along the lines of Brenda Salter McNeil and others and his voice is one we need to listen to today.

Book Recommendation

Book Recommendation.

The Heresy of Mind Control:

Recognizing Con Artists, Tyrants and Spiritual Abusers in Leadership 

By Stephen Martin

Check out The Heresy of Mind Control: Recognizing Con Artiststs written by Stephen Martin! Martin exposes the science of cults and abusive leadership while gracefully offering healing and encouraging words to readers who have been affected by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Steve is an educator and has been a workshop leader at Wellspring Retreat & Resource Center! Check it out, order a copy or download the e-book.

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