Below you can find many of my papers including my Master’s Thesis on the Concept of Catholicity in the Mercersburg Theology. These are for your reading pleasure and are owned by Jonathan Faulkner and Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

The Relationship between Sacrament and Incarnation within the Mercersburg Theology

Incorporating Non-Western Sources into Theological Education

New England Congregational Spirituality

Calvin’s Ecclesiology

Make them like their Idols: An Exegesis of Isaiah 6:1-10

Why the Great Awakenings Did Not Bring About An End to Slavery

Master’s Thesis: The Concept of Catholicity in the Mercersburg Theology

The Historiography of Philip Schaff

Bonhoeffer’s Ethics

A New and Controversial Light: The Debate between Charles Chaunce and Jonathan Edwards over the First Great Awakening

Martin Luther’s Theology of The Arts

Exegesis of 1 tim 4:12-16

Music of the Civil Rights Movement

Prayers for all People: An Answer to the Critique that the American Church should Work out its problems before Sending Missionaries

A Reforming Catholic Confession as a renewal of the Ecumenical Vision of Philip Schaff

Vision and Perception an Exegesis of the Double Healing in Mark 8:22-26

The Theology of Folk Music