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10:31 Adds 2 New Writers!

David Tank to Step Down from Leadership Team

                From the Desk of the Director

After much prayer and consideration I am pleased to announced that starting this month, September, we will be adding Bay Baker and Evan Belk to the 10:31 Writing Team. Bay is a communications major and Evan is studying Christian Ministries here at Sterling College. Evan will be writing the second installment of the Confessions of a College Freshmen, the first of which is written by Hannah Kelling. Bay will be writing The Culture War which will focus on living out our faith in the culture that we live in. We are really excited to have her on board.

In other news David Tank has come to the decision through prayer and consideration to step down from the 10:31 Life Ministries leadership team. His position as Director of Social Media and Marketing will be temporarily filled by 10:31 Life Ministries Writer and now interim director of Social Media, Alexandria Broeker who writes the breakout article Dare to Believe. David is not departing from 10:31 but will stay on board as a contributor writing Worship Wars as part of the 10:31 Big Four.

10:31 will begin the search for a new assistant director of social media and marketing but has no plans to fill the position immediately.

10:31 Adds New Writers

From the Desk of the Director

Alexandria Broeker

It is with great joy that I announce the addition of three new writers to the 10:31 Writing staff.

This fall Alexandria Boreker, Hannah Kelling and Sarah Slifer join David Faulkner as members of the 10:31 Writing Team.

We are really excited to have them join me, Angel and David as we seek to bring glory to God through their writing. We hope that you are blessed by these amazing women as they write individual blogs. Sarah and Alex will be writing their own individual blogs whole Hannah will be taking over our confessions of a College Freshmen Blog for the 2012-2013.

This could be the m

Sarah Slifer

ost exciting year for 10:31 Life Ministries yet and we’re really excited to bring these amazing woman writers to you as a part of the body of Christ.

They’ll be writing
Dare To Believe – Alexandria Broeker
Faith Like a Mustard Seed – Sarah Slifer
Confessions of a College Freshmen – Hannah Kelling

Hannah Kelling

Jonathan Faulkner
10:31 Director/Founder