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The Living Church: Family Promise NSB.

By Jonathan David Faulkner

On Monday July 11th, I had the chance to meet and sit down with Russell Queen of Family Promise North Shore Boston. The Interview we released on both my Youtube Channel and the God’s Heart Website as we sought to highlight their ministry. If you have not checked out that interview, please take a moment to head over to the article to check it out. I had a great time and hope that you will look for ways to get involved in this amazing ministry.

Today though, I would like to talk about why ministries like Family Promise NSB and other like it is so important and why they should be supported.

Let’s look at some of facts surrounding homelessness and the housing market. In 2008 the FDIC reported that over 5 Million people nationwide had lost their homes due to foreclosure. Now, not all of those 5 Million people ended up homeless, but a good number of them did, especially in the suburbs where homes were generally more expensive than in the inner city (This was at the beginning of Gentrification). Add Gentrification, the practice of middle to upper class families moving into inner city neighborhoods. Like someone growing up in Golden Colorado, who commutes to Denver, moving to the Five-Points District where I lived during my time at Denver. Fixing it up and driving up home values in what were once impoverished neighborhoods which drive the poorer families out because they cannot pay the rising property taxes or cost of living in those neighborhoods.

Now the poorer families who lived in those inner-city communities have no place to go. It has little to do with their work ethic or even drug use (though that is a factor in a lot of inner city homes) and everything to do with the rises prices of just about everything and the lack of jobs that pay well enough to even pay rent on a two-bedroom apartment. Especially places like here on the North Shore of Boston where Russ pointed out: “Making ten or eleven dollars an hour is not going to be enough to afford a two-bedroom apartment.” That is the reality facing a lot of families who have lost jobs or who have become overwhelmed by the cost of living. Losing homes and leases because they can’t pay mortgages. So they have no place to go, many end up going from Hotel room to Hotel room or on the streets. Or the kids are taken from the parents and the family is torn apart because the parents are deemed unfit to take care of their children due to the financial situation.

This is why Ministries like Family Promise NSB and Joshua Station in Denver are so very important in these times. Organizations that work to keep families together and work with them to get them back on their feet. Building them up as families, working to keep them together an off the street.

Families can stay at their day center while the mother or the father work during the day and on the weekends and then get to stay at a house with a family or in a church where they can get decent meals, clothes washed and comfortable beds, where they can feel like a family and even make friends with other families and members of their communities.

This is important and needed because not only are we taking care of the poor and needy among us we are also working to keep the family structure in tact by supporting ministries like this. Ministries, that, like Family Promise NSB, often have a 100% success rate. We are also taking care of the poor and needy among us, something found all through scripture (pick a passage) and seeing to it that those we are helping are knowing the love of Christ Jesus our Lord.

This is a great act of Charity, but I do not mean merely giving time and energy to helping those less fortunate, I mean charity in the older sense of the word. As it was used in Medieval Christianity and up through the 18th and 19th century, before it was cheapened. Like St. Francis or Edwards or Whitefield, Charity meaning love in its purest, most noble and Christ-Like form. As deepest service to one another.

This is our duty, as Whitefield points out: “For when we hear of deplorable circumstances, in which fellow-creatures are involved, be they friend or enemy, it is our duty to assist them to the utmost of our power.” Meaning, it is out of charity (love) that we should respond, seeing that our brothers and sisters are restored to the best of our abilities. This is our duty as Christians, to live our Christian Charity in every situation and Family Promise NSB is doing that for families that are losing their homes. Just as Joshua Station in Denver is doing that for families who wish to get off the street, just as ministries all-around the world are doing this for those less fortunate than them.

This is why being the Church is so important, that the Love of God would lead the way in the spreading of the Gospel through words and actions and the Kingdom of God advanced through the Charity out of our love for God and His love that ever overflows for us.

George Whitefield Sermon: “The Duty of Charity” from a collection of Sermons by George Whitefield. 


12973040_10154269785339245_3845786340930956602_oJonathan David Faulkner is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Pastor, Musician and Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education & Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry

#GospelDrivenSissyPreacher: Feuerstein’s Argument with Scripture

 By Jonathan David Faulkner


If you have been following God’s Heart for the past year you know that I have sought to address teachings and teachers as part of what this organization does. You also know that I was a victim of spiritual and emotional abuse at the hands of the church and have spent (now) years studying mind-control techniques and search scripture for the answer to theological problems and correct doctrines. I have sought to do these things that I, as a member of the Body of Christ, might build up that body in every possible way. One of the ways we do that is by providing resources on popular teachings and teachers who are heretical or just plain abusive so that the church can be encouraged not merely away from these people, but to discern for their own sakes those things they are hearing and thus be encouraged by sound teaching by avoiding that which is not.

Even as this ministry has sought to do this, we have sought to do this in a way that is also encouraging to those who we are addressing. So, as we release another article on popular Facebook Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein, who we first addressed in a January 29th article entitled “Beware the Modern Pharisee” we have maintained that it is our desire to see Joshua restored to proper fellowship and a proper relationship with God. Our issues with Joshua were not with Joshua himself but with his teachings. This ministry can endure ridicule, being called “Sissy’s” getting blocked and berated, laughed at and mistreated, if one person reads these articles and is freed from having to listen to Joshua or if Joshua finds true and genuine restoration in the full Gospel then what we have endured is of great gain, not loss.

However, after Joshua’s latest series of videos concerning the Dallas Shootings, Terrorist attacks and pastor Jamal Bryant and one where Joshua told his listeners that he would kill anyone who drew on a cop. After warning him once and warning him twice with a group of spiritual leaders and ministries we must give one last warning against him and lay the matter to rest. So as much as I wish I was not saying this about another professing believer, as much as it pains me, I must say it.

Stay away from Joshua Feuerstein and his wife Jessica. They are both Heretics and they will ultimately do more harm to your faith and the faith of others than good. Have nothing more to do with them dear friends, for your sake and maybe even for theirs.

See, if you study Scripture and then take a look at Joshua and his teachings you will find it very obvious that Feuerstein has a fundamental argument with scripture and vice versa. Why do I say that? Because all you have to do is look at the comment section of Joshua’s posts or listen to his highly confrontational tone or read his sub Trinitarian comment on our own post from a few months back and then go read the book of Ephesians it will be glaringly obvious that Joshua not only has a doctrinal problem, but a genuine heart problem.

I used Ephesians, so let me go there to explain: Joshua’s comments are full of arguments, him yelling at subscribers and commenters and attacking people for having a viewpoint other than his own. This is far from: “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” (4:1-3 ESV). Angrily telling people you will shoot them if they draw on a cop is far from maintaining the bond of peace or walking humbly. Saying “I love Jesus” never justifies threatening to kill someone. Nor is it “walking humbly” when after being approached by multiple teachings and ministries about your own heretical teachings and attacking and then laughing at them and calling them “Sissy’s” if you then turn around and call someone else a heretic. This of course is compounded by previous behaviors such as his open hostility towards Starbucks and a later delete video calling for Christians to attack Abortionists. This is far from sowing peace or walking with humility, gentleness and patience and is far from bearing with one another in love.

Not that I am perfect, or that my ministry has handled all of this in the best way possible, chances are we have not. But we hope we have been loving in the way we have addressed this situation in the public forums.

Joshua also has an argument with Ephesians 4:29-32 which openly condemns “Corrupting talk” and “Anger, rage and malice” which are all attitudes he has exhibited towards President Barrack Obama and anyone who disagrees with him (whether they be Christian or Atheist). Instead the passage gives us an alternative to these things. For example, it tells us to speak “what is good for building up as it fits the situation, to give grace to the hearer” and “Being kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as Christ forgave you.” On top of that Joshua can be found to “Grieve the Holy Spirit” by his insistence on Sub Trinitarian Theology that downplays the role of the Holy Spirit and God the Father in favor of Jesus Christ. One can go far as to say that this is a form of Blaspheme because it denies what God has revealed about Himself through scripture.

Indeed, the entire book of Ephesians, along with the books of Galatians, 1 Timothy, the 4 Gospels, Micah 6 are openly condemning of Feuerstein’s theology and doctrine. Jesus himself, the man he claims to be representing might even turn to him and say, “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the coming wrath” (Mat 22:52).

This is unfortunate, and this is not an article I am writing with joy, but there is a fundamental, doctrinal problem with what Feuerstein is teaching and doing and for the sake of his 1.5 million followers and the rest of the church it must be discussed. Joshua is a Heretic, scripture condemns him, not me, and for our part as believers we should have nothing more to do with him so that he might learn not to Blaspheme the name of God and the Holy Spirit.

I am a #GospelDrivenSissyPreacher because I want the church to know the full freedom that comes with knowing God through the saving power of the Gospel in the work of Christ on the cross. Because I do not want to see the church chained to hatred and malice and all those things that divide what are supposed to be a united people of God. Worshiping as one Church, with One God, in One Baptism and in One Spirit. Please, stop listening to Joshua, do not give him the power to tear down the church anymore. Instead pray for him, that God would soften his heart and transform his life for the Gospel.


12973040_10154269785339245_3845786340930956602_oJonathan David Faulkner is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Pastor, Musician and Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education & Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry

The Living Church: Family Promise North Shore Boston.

By Jonathan David Faulkner 

This week for the God’s Heart Video Podcast I sat down with Russ Queen of Family Promise North Shore Boston. An amazing ministry that is helping keep families off the streets while sharing the Gospel and encouraging the church to engage in service to those who are about to lose their homes. Helping families stay together and get back on their feet. 

Check out the first ministry Profile in our The Living Church Project by watching the Video Podcast below and checking out Family Promise North Shore Boston. 

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The Living Church Project is a God’s Heart Initiative to show the good things going on in the American Church to be an encouragement to a church that is in such need of it. Be looking for more from the God’s Heart Project in the coming months. 

To Submit a Ministry that we may not have heard of, leave a comment or send us a message using the contact form below.



12973040_10154269785339245_3845786340930956602_oJonathan David Faulkner is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Pastor, Musician and Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education & Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry

A Lot Changes in A Year:

By Jonathan David Faulkner

I sat at my desk for what would be one of my final sermons at First Baptist Church of Stafford. Only three weeks left and as many chapters in the book of 2nd Timothy to work through before I closed the door to my office at the Church on Buckeye street for the final time. In a month I would be leaving the area, not because I was fired or because they church had asked me to step down, but because God was calling me to something new

I felt the throbbing in my head, a reminder that still had a ways to go to recover from the fall in February. Around me books stood on shelves that would only hold them a few more weeks. Outside the office at my little house in Sterling it was quiet, I was not playing music of any kind, just taking in the silence before the college student I had taken in for the summer returned to the house from his job on the farm. I had just finished studying for the afternoon, I cannot recall what about, and was ready to just take in the rest of the day. It still had not completely sunk in that this chapter of my life would be coming to an end soon.

“God, am I ready to do this?” I prayed “Am I ready to leave this place, these people behind. You can’t be calling me away so soon, can you?”

I knew the answer, it was time to close this chapter of my life and head back to school. To a different state, a different town a different part of America, I was leaving the Midwest, maybe one day I would return, I thought I had a pretty important reason to. But God was calling me out, out of a time in my life that I can only describe as a time in the wilderness, into a new season that I could not have expected.

Please don’t misunderstand me, there were many good times had in Sterling KS and Stafford and Lyons. I have excellent memories from those two years. It was a time of growth and transformation and learning lessons (some of them over and over again). I would not trade those two years for anything. I had returned to finish a Math Class (A task I was leaving unfinished) but stayed to work and pastor. God had used it to stretch me and shape me. With everything that happened, the good and the bad, God was working for His good.

Fast forward a year, I have left Kansas behind and am living in Massachusetts where I have recently become a resident. I live at the Seminary, work in the kitchen, attend an incredible church where I will be teaching 3rd Grade VBS all week. I have stuck to my 8-5 schedule all year and enjoy Sabbath rests once a week. I am dating the most wonderful woman of God one could hope to find and am enjoying being close to family members.

But the biggest change in my life is nothing external, it is internal. If those who know me now, had known me then, it is doubtful they would recognize me. I am considerably calmer, more confident in myself and my abilities, kinder and better mannered individual. I seek to resolve problems with peace instead of strife.

Perhaps this is part of getting older, perhaps the events of 2015 made me realize it was time for me to get a grip and actually grow up. All of those could be true.

I do believe though that it is the work of God through the Holy Spirit that has brought about this change. I can honestly tell you I did not cultivate any of these things within myself. My perspective on life and on just about everything had to change. I had to let a lot of things go, I had to let God make the changes He needed to make. Totally and completely, not trying to hold onto some things while letting go of others, giving up those things that were once so tightly held that they were choking me, I had to let them go.

I’m not trying to say I’m perfect or achieved some “higher level” of Christian Faith. On the contrary, living this life is a struggle, daily giving up my own expectations to trust and follow after God. That is a huge deal for me, and it is difficult. Somedays I just do not want to do it, but I do because the reward and blessings are beyond measure. It takes hard work and struggle to live with this new perspective, but God grants me grace daily and gives me the strength to overcome.

I pray you will find encouragement in this, to lay down whatever is keeping you from really living in the Spirit of God.

I pray God grants you grace to daily follow after Him and I pay that God uses you to really transform and speak life into the lives of others. May God bear in you good fruit, fruit that we bear by the spirit of God.


12973040_10154269785339245_3845786340930956602_oJonathan David Faulkner is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Pastor, Musician and Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education & Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry

So You Want Reconciliation?

By Jonathan David Faulkner


In a culture of instant gratification we can have almost anything we want. Need food quick? There’s a burrito buggy down the street, or you can order out and have it at your door in 20 to 30 minutes. Need something overnight, pay a little extra and it will be shipped to you overnight. Need to talk to someone? Smart Phones, want to see their face? Skype or Face-Time come with your phone. What a world we live in where all our needs can be met within a few minutes. Unless the Elevator is down for repairs…then we have #Firstworldproblems…which of course, tend to not be problems at all. We are privileged to live in such a world, one that we take for granted everyday and one that could one day be stripped from us.

Unfortunately when you are used to getting everything just when you want it can be easy to think it always works that way 100% of the time. We get lulled to sleep or into a false sense of security and then when something happens outside of our own spheres of influence we shout about it on social media and then go about ignoring everything about it. We become desensitized: “Everything will work itself out, we do not need to step in, I can stay in my comfort zone. Someone else will care, man is good, we can change this.” Then go back to doing whatever we were doing before time stopped, unchanged, expecting the world to find Justice and for Blacks and Whites to be reconciled overnight. Looking for a Star-Trek-like Utopia where no one is hungry and all men are equal and our problems are all solved.

We want instant Reconciliation and Instant Justice, but the truth is we will never have either.

There is no such thing as “Instant Reconciliation” and true Justice is never “Instant” you will not have a reconciled, just society overnight, it will never happen. Stop praying for it and to my social justice warrior readers, get over it.

What do I mean? Consider this week’s biggest headlines. The tragic deaths of Philando Castle and Alton Sterling, African-American males who were victims of Fatal Police Shootings in Baton Rouge LO and Falcon Heights MN in the last 72 hours. Highlighted in these now all too common incidents is the deep racial divide and mistrust between cops and the communities they serve. I do not know the details of these shootings, I have not watched either video, just reading the stories and response from the White House is heartbreaking enough.

Lay on top of that the 80+ people murdered in Chicago in a week and attacks by ISIS in Istanbul and Baghdad. Leading to hashtages like #BLM and #Endtheviolencenow and so on and so forth showing how much people want these things to end. I have also read the usual rants about giving up privilege (some of which were very good) and comfort and actually seeking to make a difference from some people who are going to make a difference and from others who were not. I have seen the ignorant comments of people who think they know but do not, I have seen it all once again.

And I do grieve with my black brothers and sisters; I do grieve with the black community and pray for them. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ; I am no better or worse than they are, in fact it seems odd to me to even use the word “They” when talking about other members of the body of Christ because we all mourn together and all have joy as one. But I digress.

I want justice, I want reconciliation, I want community, I want there to be peace. I genuinely want those things but they will not come overnight. They take work, constant, consistent and back-breaking work. They require a great deal of discomfort and discontent and they require us to actually be vessels of such things. Yes, us Christians. If you do not believe me go read Matthew 5, Read Romans (the whole book), read Colossians. Go into the Old Testament and read Malachi and Zechariah, Isaiah and the Psalms. Then, ask the God who inspired such words to work within you to give you His righteousness.

Yes, righteousness, because without God’s righteousness that comes from God’s spirit we will never be reconciled to one another and we will never have a just society. You cannot have a just society without first having a righteous society. Justice and Righteousness go hand in hand, it would seem that Justice flows from Righteousness.

But this is not a theological Treatise; this is practical, fist to the pavement. So once you’ve read the Bible and sought God’s Righteousness learn to live that out as a Just individual who “Rejoice(s) with those who rejoice and mourn(s) with those who mourn” (Romans 12:15). Be a peacemaker, in your local community, in your schools and in your towns, do away with hatred for another, both those who believe and who do not believe. Seek to be meek and pure in heart, letting anger burn for that which angers God (but without sinning) and encouraging those around you to do better. Encouraging your church to live righteously and to be a local body of peacemakers who are Christ-Like and who no one can bring a charge against. Then become a church that encourages these qualities in your community so that your community can encourage them in your city and from your city to your state to your region and to your nation.

You want true and lasting reconciliation? You want true and lasting Justice? As Jesus said in his summation of the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 6; “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteous and all these things shall be added to you” (Mat 6:33). Just as Israel was meant to be a righteous society, so are the Children of God.

This is a slow process that requires generations of faithful teaching, passing down the important of these things to the next generation. Slow because there is now generations of bitterness and rage in both communities that will have to be addressed  Forgiving when it is necessary and a lot of hard work and self-abandonment. For all of us to give up anger or hatred or privilege or whatever it may be that is keeping us on opposite sides of the line. To humbly approach each other in love and with grace and say; “you are my brother, you are my sister, and I love you, I am sorry for any wrongs I have committed against you, please forgive me and let us walk in love.”

We have had an example of that kind of humility, or did you forget? When a Black Church in South Carolina lost nine members to gunman Dylan Roof last year and chose to go before him and forgive him for taking those nine precious lives from their presence.

It is time for the church to be the church, to stop being silent and being given to inactivity or shouting and demanding justice now. It is time for us to follow the model set out for us in scripture. It is time to join hands once again and guard each man’s dignity while we preserve each man’s pride. Like the old hymn it is time for the world to truly know we are Christians by our love and the only way to do that is through righteousness given by the Spirit of God.

Without God we will fail in this journey, without His divine providence and sovereign Lordship we will never accomplish this. We have tried our own way, maybe it is time to try Gods. It will not happen overnight, but with a lot of work and with a lot of patience and prayer and trust and healing and forgiving and love it will happen. In God’s timing and by His way; this is far superior to our own.


12973040_10154269785339245_3845786340930956602_oJonathan David Faulkner is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Pastor, Musician and Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education & Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry

#GospelDrivenSissyPreacher: It’s not as bad as they tell you it is.

By Jonathan David Faulkner


Christianity is falling apart, the Church in America is in dire straits, what are we going to do? Or is it…Well…if you listen to the doomsayers. I know, I know, we’ve said some things that lean that way, given our support of the Babylon Bee you’d wonder if we believed the media, that the state of American Christendom is so dire that we should just give up and start over.

Which, to an extent, that’s what has been happening, Christians like myself who have decided it was time to give up the idols of American Christianity and start to follow the faith as it was meant to be lived out. Not in the way that the media portrays us as something like Westboro or unintelligent Trump voters. Granted, both stereotypes are true in some cases, but not when you really start to evaluate the majority of Christians in the U.S. God is on the move, but you’re not hearing about it.

This of course is because the media’s knowledge of religion is minimal at best. As a post on the Religious Dispatch pointed out this week in an article of Trump and Hilary: “”The boys and girls on the bus are well versed in the talking points, image strategies, the horse race – all the conventions of modern presidential campaign journalism…their understand of religion is a mixture of broad bromides about the nature of religion in American life, imbed perhaps with entirely subjective notions of religion born of their own personal experience with it.” The media does not know enough about religion to even understand the life of a religious person.

And I’m not referring to revivals in West Virginia or AzuzaNow, both events our website has covered as well as many other organizations. I am talking about the average Christian that you meet in the corner deli or the coffee house. The Christian not reaching for power, but simply trying to live a life that is transformed by the Gospel. That’s the Christian you do not hear about, they are the everyday believers, leaving out and speaking the Gospel. Reaching their neighborhoods and communities with the message of grace and peace…and doing so without any recognition.

Unless you listen to Timothy Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. While Dobson and Falwell Jr. have worked to make a power play, struggling to achieve a false view of the churches role in politics. And while people like Feuerstien have torn down the body for not subscribing to their version of Christianity. Those who would rather continue driving a stake through the heart of the already bleeding American Church instead of seeking to actually be the Church.

Yes, the church has issues, there’s a lot of negative ideologies that need to be addressed, there are problems that need to be resolved. We have to talk about those things and we have to be discerning in dealing with them and how to solve those issues. We have to continue to address those things and figure out a way to do it in such a way that stays further division among the genuine believers while separating us from those who have twisted the gospel and refuse to be transformed.


But, we also must be aware of what is happening within the Christian Faith. Little hint, it is not what the media is telling you.

If you don’t believe me, take a trip to New England, one of the most densely populated areas in the country and one of the oldest regions in the country. A place where the term; “Post-Christian Society” is about the only way to describe it. A place where it is genuinely unpopular to be a Christian. From Maine to New York City the term “God Bless You” will get you a death glare. Just down the road in Salem the head of the Wicka Cult worships, down in Boston there is Harvard and MIT and a number of other schools with teachers that are openly hostile towards Christianity.

Yet, come and meet the Christians, not the ones in the various Liberal churches who cling to Leftist doctrines more than they stick to the Gospel, but to the actual, Bible-Believing Christians. The ones who know how unpopular their viewpoints are among the common people and higher ups. The ones who genuinely want to build people up and spread the good news of the Gospel.

But here’s the thing, this is not just happening here in New England, this is happening all across the country. Keller actually believes this to be the norm, not the exception, and that is encouraging news. These are not Cultural Christians, or Cultural Evangelicals, they are genuine, bible-believing, Gospel living believers who genuinely love each other and who genuinely love their enemies because they understand that love comes from God and because they love Him and know His love for them they are able to live out joyfully the life that we are all called to.

So we apologize if the impression we have given you of the American Church is a bleak one. That is not entirely the case. There are a lot of good things happening in the church, especially here on the North Shore, one of which we will be highlighting in the month of July. Seeking to celebrate those things which God is doing in the church and encouraging those who might be disillusioned as we are to know that there is hope.

God is moving amongst his people, the Gospel is stronger than ever, and maybe our current predicament has a lot to do with that. God can do amazing things when His people find themselves weak and without power. That’s how this whole thing started in the first place. In the weakness and powerlessness of the Manger, with a baby and his mother and father, a baby who would one day take on the sins of the world on the cross.

At God’s Heart for Those we choose to build up and encourage the Church, hoping to be a unifying voice among the chaos. And if that makes us #GospelDrivenSissyPreachers then so be it.


12973040_10154269785339245_3845786340930956602_oJonathan David Faulkner is a student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, a Pastor, Musician and Writer. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education & Administration with a concentration in Urban Ministry

Faulkner on the Fifth: “The World went and got itself in a hurry”

By Bradley Taylor.


Every other Friday I get to share with you and interview I did with Jonathan earlier in the week. I have enjoyed this opportunity to learn from him over the past year. Sad to say that I am resigning my position with God’s Heart due to the demands of family life and a new position at work. I will miss these interviews. This week we talked about Jonathan’s Book project, Music and Shawshank Redemption.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy.

Q. So, this is my last Faulkner on the Fifth, I am a little in shock about the fact that I will not get to do this again. I have learned a lot from you and hope to continue to learn from you as you continue writing. What is one piece of advice you would give to people like me who are entering into a busier season of life.

A. Well, I think of Brooks Hatlen (James Whitmore 1921-2009) from the movie Shawshank Redemption who, upon being released from Shawshank Prison writes his friends on the inside. During that time he says “The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.” In reference to seeing cars travel back and forth, rushing to and fro. After 50+ years on the inside he could not adjust to life on the outside, he could not handle the fast season and it caused him to take his own life. He did not know God, or at least the movie does not tell us otherwise and so he got lost in the hustle and bustle of a world that had forgotten about him.

My advice is this then: Do not get lost in the hustle and bustle of your life. Remember that God is always walking with you, even when life gets busy, work on making time for what is of the utmost importance, your relationship with our heavenly father, and your wife and kids. Remember that the Spirit of God is always dwelling inside of you, always guiding you to the son and always reminding you that you are loved by the father. You are never alone my brothers and sisters, even in the busy times.


Q. Recently we have talked a lot about “Subtrinitarian Theology” with all the discourse in the public arena and within the SBC and from everyone’s favorite “Popular Facebook Evangelist” can you tell us what this would be?

A. Subtrinitarian Theology would be anything that lessons the role of one member of the trinity, such as the Subordination Doctrine currently being debated in the SBC. Or any teaching that either emphasizes one part of the trinity over the other or focuses on one part over or the exclusion of the others such as when Joshua Feuerstien says: “We don’t need father, son, holy ghost for salvation, only Jesus.” Both forms of the doctrine are Heretical. The Subordination doctrine because it says that Christ was merely subordinate to the other members of the Trinity, thus making him unequal and making him less than the other two instead of Christ’s Death being the Son fulfilling his role in the Trinity. Subordination has become an argument for Complimentarianism, which further makes me question that particular doctrine. In the case of Feuerstien’s teachings it becomes strictly Unitarian and thus Modelism because for Feuerstien to even talk about the Holy Spirit he has to make him a different manifestation of God.

God is one, but he is three, He is three in one. Each member of the Trinity is equal with the other parts. Three members in One each fulfilling their role in salvation and sanctification. The Godhead is one in three and three in one, equal in power and unified in purpose but distinct in presentation and role.

Q. How has your summer been thus far?

A. My summer has been really good so far, God has placed a very special person in my life and I look forward to what He is going to do with this gift He has given. I have done a lot of traveling and by the end of the summer will have been back to Ohio twice (getting their once a year was difficult out in Kansas) and will have been out to Western Mass several times where he countryside is beautiful and the seeds of evangelistic American Christianity were first planted in Puritanism and so on. This summer has been and should continue to be a whirlwind adventure, and I am so blessed to be a part of it with the woman I am getting to share it with.

Q. Any updates on what is going on with the music?

A. Well, I am working hard on getting new music written and the band that I have been leading chapel with has been getting together with a great amount of regularity to get ready for Gordon-Conwell’s Clam Festival in September where we will be playing a 45 minute set. I am also hoping to be able to upgrade my recording system so I can get more music to you, but I will have to wait for the fall and I may have other expenses then that will keep me from that. There is a single officially being released in October for “Joy Everlasting (A Christmas Song). I am really excited about that and we may try to do a music video for it.

Q. And the book projects?

A. I can tell you that book one is in the editing phase while I continue to look into publishing options. If we go through Kindle the release date will be sometime late 2016 – early 2017. The second book is still in the writing phase, I have reached chapter 4, the second book is a bit more involved than the first as there is a lot more happening that needs to be unpacked. I cannot comment on the state of characters in the second novel because it would give away a lot about the first.




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